Under high current

Safe racing in the Formular E thanks to LN

Mechanics in motorsports are always on fire. As much as the drivers they are in charge of valuable seconds that may decide the race itself. To prevent actual accidents during their work under high current, a Formula-E team that doesn’t want to be named, now came to Germany to get trained on Lucas-Nülle Training Systems by trainers of INTEA. 

The INTEA team explained recent theoretical and practical developments to the mechanics and showed them crucial rules to ensure safe work on cars with high current technology.

 “Safety and high current don't go together easily. The things you learn during our trainings may become a life insurance policy for technician“, INTEA trainer Stefan Kirchner explains.

Thanks to the Lucas-Nülle high voltage training systems the motorsport mechanics could do practical training in a safe manner right away during their visit in Cologne. Also the training set some special spotlight on the meaning of safety especially in motorsports.

If you are also interested to start training under high voltage in a safe way, the training systems of Lucas-Nülle are your choice.

(c) Title Photo by Jaguar MENA, Flickr.comFlickr.com

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- 20.04.2018